Accordion Shutters
Our High-Velocity accordion is the strongest, tightest-stacking accordion shutter on the market. We use the .050 Big Bertha heavy-duty blade, Miami/ Dade County approved, and a '5-point locking system' to hold your shutters in place. We use the patented direct mount end system for a beautiful finish.
Rolldown Shutters
The Hurricane Safe Shutters end retention roll down is the strongest roll down shutter system on the market. It will stop a hundred and sixty-five mile per hour winds, and a 9 pound 2 x 4 being shot at it through a canon in the same spot two times and will not penetrate. Each wall thickness of the slat is .050 Dade County approved. We add the extrusion in the middle to strengthen and stiffen the slat to make it the most durable shutter system on the market. We use the highest quality motors and back them with a 20-year warranty. When the shutters hang, they are vented, allowing air and light to pass. When they are in the collapsed position, then they are watertight. We use a heavy-duty end cap system to finish off and beautify our roll down shutters


Bahama Shutters
These beautiful-looking shutters are available in impact and non-impact. Impact Bahamas, in addition to providing sun shade, meet all Florida Building Codes and missle impact tests. They drop down quickly into the lock position. They are available in many colors.

Storm Panels

Steel Lexan Panels
Removable storm panels offer the maximum storm protection at the lowest possible cost. These light-weight, re-usable steel, aluminum and Lexan Clear panels are easy to install, slipping up into a header channel and then secured under the lower sill using removable bolts and wingnuts. Removal of panels is simple, and they can easily be stored away until needed. The extruded aluminum headers and sills may be permanently attached or removed. They have been designed and tested to meet stringent Florida Building Codes.

Roll Down Screens

Roll Down Hurricane Screen
Transform your outdoor living space into a screen room or a hurricane-rated storage room. Our SuperMax hurricane screen stops glaring sunlight and bugs, and wind and minimizes driving rain, so you can utilize this space. It also creates a thermal barrier allowing you to use your outdoor living space during cold spells. Our SuperMax hurricane screen is a woven Aramid fiber that is comparable to Kevlar™. The same fiber is used in bulletproof vests; Aramid gives our Hurricane Screen superior resistance from flying objects during a hurricane. It has more than 3x the stopping power required by Florida Building Code and Miami/Dade impact requirements without any damage.

Hurricane Screen

The Hurricane Screen is very affordable, lightweight and easy to install. It can be installed with or without track. Hurricane Screen is available with grommets or with a strap and buckle system and stores in much less space than other removable systems. This versatile screen allows light into your home-alleviating the "dark" problem of panels. It blocks 97% of all wind and rain and meets Florida Building Code. These screens can be made in many shapes and are available in a variety of colors.


Hurricane Protection Resources

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